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Kai Motta was born in 1973 in London. As a child he travelled with his BAFTA and Oscar award winning father while he worked on Hollywood movies. From Tunisia to Egypt to Kenya across Europe and around California his father’s work took the family.

Travelling across the continents had a huge influence on Motta’s writing. The witnessing of poverty and stark societal differences stayed with him from the impoverished stricken streets of Kenya to the high society life in Beverley Hills. On return the family moved down to Hythe in Kent, where Motta spent his late teens living above an old furniture shop on an industrial estate reading books and playing the guitar while he signed on.

It was here that his father introduced him to the works of Charles Bukowski and Henry Miller as he read voraciously into the night and early hours of every morning. Their voices changed his life and first inspired him to put pen to paper. After devouring the writers that packed his fathers book shelves, Kai returned to London for 12 years seeking success as a singer-songwriter, playing clubs regularly which led to the release of an album while being managed by the notorious music manager Stevo Pierce of  ‘Some Bizzare Records‘.

Success unfortunately wasn’t to be his and led him from the labyrinthine streets of London back to the open green fields and stony beaches in Kent. Music still plays a huge role in his writing and life.

Motta now writes about the psychological, philosophical and pornographic elements of the human race. He is interested in how life and society is controlled by the current digital age and where it could/may lead us. He is interested in everything. He also writes and performs as the musical comedian ‘The High Priest‘, writes and produces films and writes lyrics/produces music.

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