The Writer’s Den

“Over the lockdown period I decided it would be a good time not only to write the novel aptly titled ‘VIR(US)‘, but also to build a place to disappear to think, muse and write. After some serious research and advice from close friends I built single handedly, the Writer’s Den.”

“I just wanted to build. I wanted to get away from ‘the screen’ and immerse myself in a different mental state, a place I don’t go to often enough unfortunately, like many in this epoch of Zoom meetings and digital interference. It felt good to dig, saw, measure, feel the dirt in my hands and learn.”

“I built the Den through wood I found in skips, was given and found on Facebook. It felt good to recycle goods. I learnt so much and would do it differently next time, but it was an excellent learning process. The building has only just begun and I thank all those dearly who helped me along the way.”

Sleepers in mud as foundations for the start of the build
Spirit level on the wood to be used as the floor of the Den
Floor of the Den complete
The wooden wall frames for the Den built and ready to be assembled on the foundation
The wooden wall frames going into place
Three of the wooden wall frames in place
The window of the Den nicely in place
Shot above the Den, all 4 walls in place with window and door and Luna my cat perched and staring at the camera
The palette wood attached to the outside
The palette wood on the outside all finished
Wwooden beams on top to show the slope for the roof
Front shot to display the top beams
Inside the Den with roof on
Vapour applied with boards over the top
The insulation sunken into the gaps
Insulation, the boards for the inside and tools
The inside wall boards in place, the insulation in the roof and boards over the top
Outside the Den on the riverbank cutting up wood
The Den finished on the riverbank

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