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Another strong social commentary from Kai Motta

“I had already read the first novel by Kai Motta which I found thought provoking, so I was interested to read the next novel VIR(US).

It’s obvious the author is interested in human politics, the influence of technology and their effects on our evolution as both novels from different angles address the issues.

In VIR(US) Motta chooses to run two stories alongside one another switching from one to the next with every chapter which finally meet and tie up in the end.

The subject matter is about a virus in 2023 and humanities helplessness to deal with it due to the fact that humans didn’t learnt from the current situation we are in with COVID.

As the blurb describes the only safe place is the sky as earth has become uninhabitable and so we hear the protagonists thoughts from his window seat as he watches the other planes intermittently fall from the sky when the fuel runs dry. He talks the reader through many different subjects and covers lots of topics and themes in a very digestible way.

Definitely a page turner as you will really want to know if he or his wife and son fall from the sky.”


Emotive and engaging, modern life and what it means to lose it.

This was a book of two halves for me, one was the very real and engaging human reaction to the stories anchor, a new pandemic in 2032, more fatal and with devastating mortality rate. A real page turner.

The second was the internal machinations of a highly philosophical mind, I can relate to that, the critique was on point.

The dialogue and reflection of modern life, love, family and togetherness were very sincere and readable, the insight into the authors world views, well, it was very in depth critique actually, took us on a scathing roller-coaster hitting out at the changing landscape of humanities influences, interactions and values.

At times I found this got in the way of the story, Having said that I related to these views wholeheartedly.


Need a page turner? This is it.

What a story. I was gripped from the first chapter.

Relatable in an unbelievable way.

Poignant in these times.

I was moved to tears at some points and anger at others.

Some parts, you literally cannot put the book down as you hope to god, what you think is about to happen, does not.

Yet again another fantastic novel from this author.

Cannot wait for the 3rd novel.

Thankful Tammy

Novel with a good dose of philosophy

I really enjoyed the pace of the story, Each chapter had you pondering our personal and current society problems. A real page turner .It certainly didn’t disappoint. READ IT!


Celebrity Rape

Love Orwell? You’ll love this.

This book, will make you question social media. It will challenge your view of our societies future.

If you love Orwell or Huxley, you will love this.

A real page turner, I could not stop reading this, until I had finished it.

If you study or have an understanding of psychology, sociology or philosophy you will appreciate this.

If you like social media, and think that the influencer life is for you, then you definitely should read this.

We used to joke when i was young that pop stars would be performing in their underwear in the future, which sounded absurd in the early 90s.

Check the noughties and you got Gaga, Beyonce all these ACTUAL singers performing in their pants! So who knows what the future holds, hopefully its NOT what this book presents as a future for us.

Thankful Tammy

Challenging title but keep reading…

I was lucky enough to read this book as part of an early release. Clearly with a provocative title I thought the subject matter would be challenging but I was interested to know what the book might hold and I was not disappointed. The book is well written and runs along at a high pace. The most interesting thing though was not only that the story was gripping but that over the course of the book, the social commentary was contemporary and intensely appropriate for the climate we live in. I would encourage people to read the book and look deeper into the story and into the message it tries to convey.


A definite must read

I was initially interested in this novel due to the title, I thought it very controversial and interesting straight away. It definitely caught my eye.

The novel takes on quite scathingly the addiction of social networks and their power over the individual, that extremely dangerous side of humanity: vanity and pride.

I found it a great piece of social commentary. I can imagine having ‘Rape’ in the title will scare many people off, but the title is actually the most controversial part of the book.

It reminded me of Will Self and also George Orwell.


When the truth isn’t stranger than fiction, fiction tells a truth

Strong perspective on what we’re on the cusp of. Great first novel. High expectations of Kai.

Must read!

Normally struggle to finish books due to a short attentions span but with this book I had to make myself stop reading to I could get some sleep. Hooked from start to finish, definitely is a must read.


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