Meet the Mottas – The Series

Meet the Mottas is a small series of films made by ‘Kai Motta Film-maker’ about the 5 personalities of Kai Motta: Musician, Comedian ‘The High Priest’, Author, Artist and Film-maker.

Meet the Mottas Theme song

Episode 1 – Jokes

Episode 2 – Hitler and vegans

Episode 3 – I blame the foreigners

Episode 4 – The News (Almost)

Episode 5 – The Birds and the Bees

Episode 6 – Conspiraloon

Episode 7 – Masks

Episode 8 – Those Bloody Pro Vaxxers

Episode 9 – Brexit… And of course… Wine

Episode 10 – Get back on stage Priest

Episode 11 – Meet the Mottas appear on Gogglebox

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