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Released on Amazon 24 Sept 2020

In 2032, the virus UV32 rampages across the planet. Thousands of planes take to the sky for safety.

From his window seat Mike reflects on humanity with one last hope to see his wife Sandy and son Danny again, who are onboard a different plane.

The only thing keeping them alive is fuel… but for how long?

Celebrity Rape

Released on Amazon 10 Nov 2018

Marcus, a 40 nothing low wage data entry clerk, twice divorced denizen of the new digital age, nightly pisses his life away on Viagra, wine and loose women found on dating apps. Caught in an infectious loop of hedonistic drunken sex, he despairingly witnesses a society controlled and manipulated by Jackson Fire, self made corporate King, founder of TV show Celebrity Rape, born out of the culture that we have become.

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“I had already read the first novel by Kai Motta which I found thought provoking, so I was interested to read the next novel VIR(US).

It’s obvious the author is interested in human politics, the influence of technology and their effects on our evolution as both novels from different angles address the issues.

In VIR(US) Motta chooses to run two stories alongside one another switching from one to the next with every chapter which finally meet and tie up in the end.

The subject matter is about a virus in 2023 and humanities helplessness to deal with it due to the fact that humans didn’t learnt from the current situation we are in with COVID.

As the blurb describes the only safe place is the sky as earth has become uninhabitable and so we hear the protagonists thoughts from his window seat as he watches the other planes intermittently fall from the sky when the fuel runs dry. He talks the reader through many different subjects and covers lots of topics and themes in a very digestible way.

Definitely a page turner as you will really want to know if he or his wife and son fall from the sky.”


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Celebrity Rape

“Love Orwell, you’ll love this.

This book, will make you question social media. It will challenge your view of our societies future.

If you love Orwell or Huxley, you will love this.

A real page turner, I could not stop reading this, until I had finished it.

If you study or have an understanding of psychology, sociology or philosophy you will appreciate this.

If you like social media, and think that the influencer life is for you, then you definitely should read this.

We used to joke when i was young that pop stars would be performing in their underwear in the future, which sounded absurd in the early 90s.

Check the noughties and you got Gaga, Beyonce all these ACTUAL singers performing in their pants! So who knows what the future holds, hopefully its NOT what this book presents as a future for us.”


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